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Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D. 
FarSun Communication Services
222 Santa Cruz Avenue, No. 11
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 688-3158

...available week days and weekends...

Phase I.  Client Needs Assessment 

    In the first phase, I  coordinate with the organization’s staff to clearly identify the organization’s needs.  The object is to develop an approach that will minimize their costs and maximize their returns.  My writing efforts routinely begin by helping the client to clearly organize priorities, identify their goals and then construct a roadmap to reach them.  I request the following data from the outset.

Organization Background

  • List website URL
  • List E-mail addresses for key contacts
  • Provide a description of your organization (focus, background)
  • Provide short biographies of key personnel.

Project description

  • Define project(s) location.
  • Define project(s) goals.
  • Define target demographics.
  • List intended outcomes.

Funds Needed

  • Define amount needed.
  • Over what time period?
  • Is it capital or non-capital expense or both?
  • Funds are to be used for general or for specific project purposes.
  • Develop a tentative budget showing direct and indirect costs.
  • Define the percent of goal requested per funding source.
  • What if a grantor offers a smaller amount?
  • What is the minium funding needed for the project?


  • List grants and amounts received in the past for similar efforts.
  • List grants received in excess of $25,000.
  • List similar organizations.
  • List potential funding sources that your organization has identified.

Phase II  Funding Source Identification and Inquiry

    In the second phase, I use the information from Phase I to organize the search for candidates then proceed as follows:

  • Survey potential funding sources.
  • Prioritize list of funders based upon project scope match and filing deadlines.
  • Develop a list of items required for submission.
  • Develop a schedule for submissions.
  • Develop a letter of inquiry to be approved by your organization.
  • Submit letters of inquiry.
  • Based upon the response to inquires, develop a budget and schedule for grant writing.

Phase III  Grant Writing

    Once the funding candidates have been identified, formal grant writing begins and addresses each of the following tasks:

  • Develop narrative outline.
  • Identify long-lead time items (like commitment letters) and assign mutually agreed upon responsibilities and clear deadlines for letters to be received.
  • Develop a budget and budget narrative submit to client for review.
  • Develop technical proposal narrative and submit to client for review.
  • Revise according to review comments.
  • Prepare document and attachments for submission.
  • Submission
  • Delivery Tracking and Confirmation

Government Grant Writing Experience

Experienced at developing and submitting electronic proposals to:

  • National Science Foundation
  • Department of Labor
  • USDA
  • State of Hawaii
  • State of California

My experience in developing proposals spans several decades beginning with my graduate studies at Scripps Institution of Oceanography.  I have developed proposals for my own research, the University of California, Santa Cruz; the Development Consulting Network and Hatchuel Tabernick and Associates. 

Education Grant Writing Experience

  • Nolan has had a long involvement in efforts to educate young people as well as adults in environmental conservation.  One of the projects is the Task Force Environmental Education Kit.  This combination of instructional television series, interactive software and web discussion forum encourages students to understand the issues related to declining salmon fisheries.  It challenges students to develop skills in the resolution of environmental conflict by studying a wide range of differing viewpoints and then to develop their own management plan.  This was funded in part by a grant from the National Science Foundation in 1994.
  • Developer of Salmon Preservation: a Case Study in the Resolution of Environmental Conflict, a web site with a wide range of  resources, fishery data and open forum. 
  • Developer of Coral Kingdom, instructional software about the biology and ecology of coral reefs, Digital Studios, 1993.
  • Developer of Ecosystems (upper division level college textbook on CD-ROM), Digital Studios, 2000.

Information Technology Experience.

I have a keen interest in technology and have twice served as a research associate in computer engineering at UC, Santa Cruz

Environmental Experience

I have designed and conducted numerous environmental studies and impact statements; produced a national educational TV series on salmon populations and authored a college textbook on ecosystems.

Availability and Capability

Nearly all of my grant writing services have been provided via telecommuting and I am comfortable with that arrangement.  I am also willing to work on a contract basis or at an hourly rate. 

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Ron S. Nolan, Ph.D. 
FarSun Communication Services
222 Santa Cruz Avenue, No. 11
Aptos, CA 95003
(831) 688-3158

...available week days and weekends..


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